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Texas Divorce Statistics

Divorce is a life-changing event for many and often comes with unexpected twists and turns. The law itself for divorce also is subject to change as legislation and tax reforms evolve throughout the years. For insight into the trends and rates currently surrounding divorce in Texas, please see the data below.


Texas marriage rate
Texas divorce rate
Texas divorce rate through the years
National marriage rate
National divorce rate

Texas Marriage and Divorce Statistics

What is the marriage rate in Texas?

In 2017, the marriage rate in Texas was 7.1 (per 1,000 total population in Texas). Compared to the national marriage rate in 2017, the rate in Texas was 0.2 higher.

What is the divorce rate in Texas?

In 2017, the Texas divorce rate was 2.2, including annulments (rate is calculated per 1,000 total population in Texas).

Texas Divorce Rate Through the Years

Texas Divorce Rate Graph

The divorce rate in Texas has been trending down for the past 11 years. In 1990, the divorce rate was more than double the rate in 2017 (5.5).

National Marriage and Divorce Statistics

What is the national marriage rate?

The 2017 national marriage rate in the United States is 6.9. There were 2,236,496 marriages (population of 325,719,178). In contrast, the marriage rate in 2000 was significantly higher at 8.2, with over 2,315,000 marriages.

What is the national divorce rate?

The 2017 national divorce rate in America was 2.9, with 787,251 divorces and annulments (excluding data for California, Hawaii, Indiana, Minnesota, and New Mexico).

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